Workplace pattern shop are manufactured pattern equipment and core of wood and epoxy resins for single and series production for customers, part of the pattern shop production is used by the company. Pattern equipment agreement after you produce according to drawings, prototype parts or casting customer. Pattern manufacture documentation can be provided either in the form of customary drawings or electronically in any format. Within the pattern shop perform repairs and structural modifications of existing models and core technologies by different foundries.

Quality machinery guarantees the quality and accuracy of production and very complex models designed for the foundry industry. Pattern equipment manufactured in our company is designed for sand molding. Within the modeling activities, we offer wooden foundry patterns and core boxes for single and series production, foundry models of modern cast resins for serial production and aluminum foundry models for complex castings and large series.

Pattern equipment for hand and machine molding are made in our patternshop of wood (quality plywood, decking and solid material), plastic, epoxy resins, ebalty a combination of these materials, classroom design according to customer requirements. In patternshop is used dried wood, mostly pine, alder and maple. Production pattern equipment and core boxes are equipped with protective coatings.

For the manufacture of plastic model devices are used bicomponent casting resin is negligible shrinkage with various fillers according to the requirements on the final properties (workability, abrasion resistance, etc.), Which guarantee the necessary service life patterns.

Metal pattern equipment are manufactured from aluminum alloy cast in our aluminium foundry, if necessary to achieve greater durability and higher abrasion resistance, is used as brass or wrought materials (e.g., duralumin). For pattern plates are mounted as polomodely and parts of gating metal and plastic, or wood. Use of these materials is derived from the required service life, therefore seriality.

Sensing technology shape (countershaft model) to polydur allows quick manufacture mold and allows the creation of very complex part. The indisputable advantage of this technology is the rapid deployment of forms into production.

Pattern equipment and prototypes for engineering. Pattern equipment and prototypes credibly present the original, can be reduced, but they are always accurate. Their use is as the validation of new facts, which brings the project, as well as to better allow you to receive valuable decisions regarding the future part or assembly. Implementation of functional pattern equipment and prototypes contributes to the elimination of error or unforeseen problems related to production.

Pattern equipment from epoxy, polyurethane and silicone resins are resistant to wear (abrasion resistant), hard, well castable, possibly with good thermal conductivity. The chosen model equipment then matches your requirements while retaining economically favorable sessions.

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