Aluminum foundry S-MODEL is focused on casting aluminum alloy according to the standards ČSN-DIN. The supporting program is in molding sand molds for machines Foromat. Molding material is a fine oil-bound sand mixture, which on the basis of their ties run dry. Its high strength raw castings gives true contours and high dimensional accuracy. The castings we can, in co-operation, provide finishing of castings (complete machining and surface treatment) according to customer requirements, such as blasting, sandblasting, tumbling, heat treatment (hardening), impregnating, coating (powder coating), etc.

Orders are made by processing the drawings, subsequent production model equipment to the final production of aluminum castings. We produce for you a series of test samples from one-piece, and a series of 10 000 units a year for our foundryare not a problem. The actual production of cores is commonplace. Continuous quality control of the machining operations is a guarantee of high quality castings produced by us.

The pattern shop S-MODEL has been producing both new patterns for the foundry, but also performs editing patterns supplied by the customer. We produce model equipment for manual and mechanical shaping of materials such as massif, large materials, epoxy resins and their combinations for own use and to order. If requests exceed our customers' technical capacity or our current opportunities, we can ensure the production of models in the companies we work with.

We make adjustments to existing patterns, and customer needs to use technology, models also repair. The new model, including core equipment manufactured in variants:

  • wooden foundry patterns and core boxes for single and series production
  • models of the modern foundry resins for mass production
  • aluminum foundry models for complex castings and large series

Machine production of S-MODEL is equipped with the latest CNC machine tools SKT 21 LM, which guarantee high quality production of precision machine parts. New HYUNDAI-KIA MACHINE is an industry, a very fast two-axis CNC lathe with inclined bed, designed for continuous operation. Downtimes are minimized. Through chuck bar feeder allows you to connect up to 65 mm diameter. The main focus of production machine works S-MODEL is precision CNC machined and fully rotating parts in the combination of turning, drilling, threading and milling full customized.

We offer CNC turning and CNC machining of precision turned parts with high quality, precision and technological demands. We offer piece, small batch and mass production of turned parts on CNC precision lathes. CNC machining of a wide range of materials: self-ferrous metal castings, gray iron castings, steel castings, stainless steel materials.