Aluminum foundries aim is to satisfy particular customers who require aluminum alloy castings and services associated with the production of castings and machining. Typical S-MODEL aluminum foundry products are gear, fittings, machinery parts and other products of aluminum alloys. We specialize in manufacture of thin-walled aluminum castings and precise shapes and sizes in tight tolerances. We have able to produce test samples, but also a series of 10 000 units per year for our foundry is not a problem.

The basic surface treatment of aluminum castings is ensured after casting grinding and trimming gating and risers in the foundry premises. Other operations in the process of casting in consultation with the customer include stainless steel blasting or corundum granulate mixtures, sand-blasting or tumbling.

In co-operation according to customer specification castings thermal quenching process, we also offer the possibility to increase the gas tightness impregnation, casting anodizing (hard, colorless and colored or natural anodized aluminum alloy castings and ultimately provide coating powder coating castings.

Castings are manufactured into sand molds of aluminum alloys commonly used to ČSN424331, 424384, 424357. On customer request, can also handle other aluminum alloys. Used aluminum alloy according to the specification standard normy ČSN EN 1706 a ČSN EN 1982:

  • AlSi9Cu3 ČSN EN 1706 EN AC-46000 (DIN 226)
  • AlSi10MgMn ČSN EN 1706 EN AC-43000 (DIN 239)
  • AlMg5 ČSN EN 1706 EN AC-51300 (DIN 244)
  • AlSi12Mn ČSN EN 1706 EN AC-47000 (DIN 230)
  • AlZn10Si8Mg – UNIFONT 90

Roll size varies between 2.5 - 10 kg in aluminum alloy commonly used DIN 230, DIN 231, DIN 226, DIN 239. We are able to provide a different chemical composition according to the customer, for example: AlSi10CuMn, AlSi10Mg(Cu), AlSi12(Cu), AlSi5Cu3, AlSi7Cu3

Aluminum foundry S-MODEL uses melting and molding technology solutions that guarantee the quality of castings cast in sand molds. Molding material is very fine oil-bound sand mixture, which is already supplied in the finished state ready for use. Based on its binding does not dry out. Its high strength raw castings gives true contours and high dimensional accuracy. Machine molding in aluminum foundry operation is performed on molding machines Foromat for molding frames 300 x 400 mm a 400 x 400 mm. For sample production or unit production is used hand formation. The actual production of cores is commonplace. Aluminum smelting is done in an electric melting furnaces, metal quality is ensured by means of filtration and degassing.

Aluminium castings are produced from free patterns or models established on the plates. Clean separation model when lifting from the sand mold is achieved through the molding powder. The availability of precision-cast shapes and sizes in tight tolerances required to reduce spending further processing and finishing. High flexibility allows us to manufacture foundry implement a wide range of sizes and weights of castings.

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