The company S-MODEL is a young dynamic company, smaller size, which is producing aluminum castings, production patterns and processes (CNC turning and milling) semi-finished using CNC machines. Company was founded in 1996, and main activity of aluminum foundry is machine and hand made Production of aluminum alloy castings. Foundry has a pattern shop, where the models are made of wood and resins. The aim is to satisfy customers who want to castings and services associated with the production models and working casts. Based on your demand we can provide full service casting production, from production patterns to finished castings including machining and other surface treatments.

Aluminum foundry including pattern shop is located in Krnov, 60 km west of Ostrava in the industrial Karnola zone. The aim of aluminum foundry is to ensure quality, timeliness and any specific customer requirements. The modern history of the foundry is characterized by enlargement ofcasting manufacturing and machining on CNC machine tools. Foundry adds current production on the domestic market. Many years of experience in manufacturing castings, short delivery time and high quality indicates us as a respected and reliable supplier.

The foundry uses the melting and molding technology solutions, that guarantee the highest quality castings cast in sand molds. Every tender for the production of aluminum castings or model equipment handled individually and based on specific customer requirements as well as approach. The price depends on the complexity of the product, performance, engineering and material used. We focus on the piece and small batch production, but also can handle medium and large series of thousands of pieces per month. Rarely produce castings of larger dimensions.

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